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When we were in the planning stages of Bello I knew that I wanted more than a restaurant. I knew that I wanted to have an active bar that would replicate some of the atmosphere of the local bars that are such an important part of the social life of every village and city in Italy. And in order to do that I knew that I would need great cocktails and a great bartender.

I was lucky enough to find a Florentine named Lorenzo Ricchi to be our lead bartender. And in his first week on the job he introduced us to a cocktail he invented, the Cappuccino Negroni.

This has rapidly become one of the most popular drinks at Bello. And I might even have a sip of one after work (if I have a ride home).

Lorenzo makes the drink with Templeton Rye, Campari, Caffé Borghetti Amaro, Angostura and milk foam, but the exact recipe is a secret.

The drink has some sweetness, but it is really well balanced by the bitterness so it is not too sweet. And the coffee is just delicious.

It’s the kind of drink you can enjoy while sitting with your friends at the bar at Bello.