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One of our favorite songs is Se Avessi un Cuore (If I Had a Heart) by Annalisa. She ponders what would happen if she (and her boyfriend) had hearts. My guess is that this relationship did not end so well. The music video was filmed in a neighborhood cafe in Italy. Very cool. You can listen to it by clicking on the link below or, better yet, at Bello while eating some Crudo or house made Pasta 🙂

Annalisa is for sure one of our favorite musicians and a staple of the Bello playlist. Her style combines a lively upbeat pop beat with her gorgeous lyrical voice. And, as we say in Italy, it doesn’t hurt that she is bellisima. She is also known in Italy as Nali,.She even has a degree in physics from the University of Turin, so she is quite smart which is the most sexy thing for me.

Her songs are all available on Apple and Spotify so add them to your playlist if you like them – it will make you feel like you are at Bello even when you are not.

Annalisa – if you ever read this and are in Southern California, we hope that you stop by for dinner! Please ask to sit at the chef’s table.

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