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I am very proud to announce that we will be serving Oro Bailen Picual at Bello. This was ranked the number one olive oil in the world by EVOOLEUM in 2019. It has received countless other awards as well. Bello, it is so good!

Picual is the name of the variety of olive and this particular olive oil has perhaps the most potent fruit flavor of any olive oil I’ve ever had. There’s also a nice touch of balancing bitterness. It comes from Hispania, a province of the Roman Empire, (now known as Spain!). This is from the South of the country north of Granada and east of Cordoba. It’s not technically Italian, but olive oil is one of my favorite Italian ingredients and this one is too good not to serve.

It will be served on the side of our bread plate ($3 supplemental charge).

The model in the picture is our assistant GM, Federico Santoro (he actually was a model before working at Bello).