Bring on the Heat!  The Spicy Foods of Italy’s South

Wednesday September 15, 6-9 PM

A very common misconception about Italian food is that it is all very spicy.  In fact, in most Italian dishes, the spice is used like Americans use black pepper – very much in moderation.

BUT – there are certainly some authentic spicy dishes that we like to eat from time to time and we have made them on special request for certain guests, like my good friend Mimmo Bruno (the Maestro of Mozzarella) who likes to eat the spicy food of his home region.  

So we are doing a dinner that is spicy from start to finish.  Some of the dishes are traditional and some are Bello twists on the originals.

Honestly, the spaghetti all’assassina is worth the price of the meal – I’m pretty sure we’re the only restaurant in the US that will make it because it’s very technically difficult. (Traditionally it’s so spicy it’s a killer, hence the name “assassin’s spaghetti” – but we will go easy on you!)

Course 1: 

Appetizers – Pizza Secca with Nduja – Warm Pizza bread with Nduja, Crocchetta with Salami Picante

Course 2:  

Cozze alla Tarantina – mussels with tomatoes and chili flakes 

Course 3: 

Spaghetti all’assassina – Crispy spaghetti with tomato puree and chili 

Course 4: 

Gocce Rigate al Tonno Piccante – House-made short pasta with spicy tomato and tuna sauce

Course 5: 

Morzello di Porco – Spicy pork stew with tomato and chilli

Course 6: 

Dark Chocolate Semifreddo, hazelnuts, chili peppers.

Substitutions are politely declined for special event dinners as the kitchen cannot accommodate custom orders with so many plates.  Certain dishes may be slightly altered based on the availability of ingredients.

Tickets are $75 per person including dinner and wine pairings, and can be reserved on Tock.  An optional wine pairing with the savory courses is an additional $60.

Sales tax and 18% gratuity will be billed at the time of reservation.


Bello Welcomes Garrison Brothers Bourbon to the Chef’s Table

We are incredibly excited to announce a collaborative dinner with one of the premier producers of Bourbon, the award winning Garrison Brothers.  

Bello Chef’s Table is the exclusive fine dining popup experience at Bello by Sandro Nardone.  We have selected Garrison Brothers as our first partner pairing a producer of world class beverages with the renowned food at Bello Chef’s Table.

Our Bourbon selection will include Garrison Brothers’ highly limited Laguna Madre as well as its Balmorhea, Jim Murray’s 2021 American Micro Whiskey of the Year.  

Seats are available for September 3, 4, 25 and 26 from 7-10 PM.

Garrison Brothers expert Ryan Autry will give the background discussion on each Bourbon and cocktail and Bello’s Zach Scherer will explain the menu, each dish designed to highlight the flavors of the Bourbon pairings.

Bello Chef’s Table

At Bello Chef’s Table, we’ve combined the classical Italian approach to cooking with modern creativity and technique to create a truly unique, intimate and interactive dining experience for up to 6 people, with one single dedicated chef. We are offering you a sense of place, and a slice of what Modern Italian at Bello truly is, through our chefs’ eyes. The menu will be hand crafted weekly and constantly featuring items from our larder and local farms.  There are no choices or substitutions, just your chef host taking you on a one of a kind culinary journey which could not happen anywhere else.

Zach Scherer runs Bello Chef’s Table in concert with Bello’s owner and Executive Chef, Sandro Nardone. Zach formerly ran special events at Big Canyon Country Club and was the Chef de Cuisine at the Playground.

Garrison Brothers

Garrison Brothers is the first legal whiskey distillery in the great state of Texas, and the first to authentically produce bourbon outside of Kentucky. Produced in Hye, Texas from the best panhandle white corn, soft winter red wheat, and barley; this bourbon then sees brand new american oak barrels for aging in our intense Texas climate. Their Bourbons are critically acclaimed and have won multiple awards including a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Double Gold at the Spirits International Prestige Awards.


The menu is as follows:

Small Batch (with snacks)

Small Batch Spritz

Hanger Steak “tartare” Gaeta Olive, Peperoni Cruschi

Prosciutto Melone

Tuna & Burnt Greens, Fermented Cream

Rapini Fritter, Tuber Melanosporum

Honey Dew

Honey Dew, Amaro, Melon

Gaspacho of Chino Farms Melon & Wild Greens, Crab

Pumpkin Blossom, Stracchino, Burnt Honey Comb

Lobster, Charred Squash, Yeasted Butter Emulsion,

Single Barrel 

Grapefruit & Zucca Sour

Badger Flame Beets, Burnt Farro, Caviar

Carrot, Buttermilk Caramel, Pork Cheek  


Cynar & Porcini Old Fashioned

Abalone, Dry Aged Beef Broth, Wild Mushroom

Foam of aged Parmesan, Egg, Nasturtium

Dry Aged Beef, Eggplant, Sweet Onion Cooked in Espresso Butter, “Barrel Aged” Jus

Laguna Madre

Toasted Milk Semifreddo, Wild honey, Fresh Strawberry, Rose Oil

Chocolate Nitro Mousse, Lightly Aged Blackberries, Balsamic

Substitutions are politely declined for special events dinners as the kitchen cannot handle custom orders with so many plates.  We may make certain substitutions based on the availability of certain ingredients.

The cost is $300 per person plus tax and gratuity.  

Please reserve on Tock by clicking here:

Friday September 24 

Saturday September 25


The Wines of the Islands of the Mediterranean with Famous Master Sommelier Peter Neptune

We re very excited to announce the eighth special Italian food and wine event with famous Master Sommelier Peter Neptune. We have collaborated with Peter to create a 5 course food and wine pairing on Thursday, September 23, 2021 (6-9 PM).

The theme will be the wines of the islands of the Mediterranean.

Some of the most delicious and interesting wines in the world are being made in the islands of the Mediterranean. Peter will be taking you on a tour of the region with some of his favorite wines from Sicily, Sardinia, Greece and Corsica. These are distinctive wines that offer terrific value as the regions are still relatively undiscovered.

This is one of the most exciting opportunities we’ve had to introduce you to a class of wines that most of you have never really tried in depth.

Bello is preparing a menu that will be influenced by the cuisine of the Italian islands.

Peter will present each wine and discuss the region of origin, the winery, the grape and the style.

Bello by Sandro Nardone in Newport Beach is an authentic Italian restaurant serving traditional Italian food and modern fare like that served in Michelin starred restaurants in Italy. Their chef was born in Naples and trained in several top restaurants in Italy.

The menu and wine pairings are listed below:

Course 1:
Hamachi Crudo, Tomato Water, Charred Tomato, Caper Puree
2019 Santo Santorini Assyrtiko (Greece)

Course 2:
Pasta Ricci Di Mare
2017 Santamaria Patrimonio Blanc (Corsica)

Course 3:
Slow Cooked Pork Cheek, Fresh Shelling Beans, Very Roasted Pepper Broth, Chicories
2019 Morgante Nero d’Avola Sicilia (Sicily)

Course 4:
Bistecca Siciliana
2016 Barrua Carignano (Sardinia)

Course 5:
Sfinci, Dark Chocolate Cream
2014 Pala Assoluto Passito (Sardinia)

Substitutions are politely declined for special event dinners as the kitchen cannot accommodate

Please reserve your tickets on Tock.