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Ultimate Pasta Insanity IX – 7 Courses of Pasta
Thursday, October 28, 2021 (6-9 PM)

There is pasta … and there is pasta.  We are doing another 7 course Pasta Insanity dinner with a special twist – We will have a live demonstration of our techniques for making pasta, including several Bello original pastas.  

Don’t worry – portions will be appropriately sized so that you can enjoy every course.

The 7 courses will each feature a different pasta:

  1. Vegetable – Paccheri al curry with ragu di verdure
  2. Cheese – Beemster cacio e pepe
  3. Fish – Pasta alla gricia al tonno
  4. Shellfish – Nori scallop raviolo
  5. Mushroom – Chocolate cannelloni, braised porcini, fois gras sauce, hazelnuts 
  6. Meat – XO sauce with uni and pork
  7. Dessert – Pasta with honey

Substitutions are politely declined for special events dinners as the kitchen cannot handle custom orders with so many plates.  We may have to substitute certain ingredients based on availability.

The cost is $65 per person plus tax and gratuity.  A special wine pairing selected to go with each savory course will be available for an additional $60.  

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Sales tax and 18% gratuity will be billed at the time of reservation.

Bello Wine Club – Our First BYO Tasting – Barolo

Thursday, November 4 6-9 PM

Do you like wine?

Do you like trying new wines and learning about them?

So do we.  We are starting up the ultimate Wine Tasting Group at Bello.

In each tasting, guests will experience a broad sampling of wines from a specific category to gain an understanding of the different styles of wines from different producers and discuss what characterizes and differentiates wines of that region.

We are beginning with Barolo (see below for our reasons).

How It Works

The idea is simple.  Each guest brings a bottle of wine (in this case Barolo) and tastes each wine during an appetizer/snack course.  Guests will share their thoughts on the wines and identify their favorite wine of the night.  We encourage lively discussion!

Bello then serves an additional 4 course dinner which guests enjoy along with the wines as they appreciate how the wines evolve over the course of the night.

Guests will sit at tables of 5-9 depending on the number of guests (e.g. if 10 people attend, they will be split into 2 tables of 5).  Guests who wish to sit at smaller tables near the main tables will, of course, be accommodated.  Groups of friends can be seated together upon request.

Members of the wine industry will be attending, but the only requirement for attendance is an enthusiasm for wine and the desire to learn.

Why Barolo?

Barolo has been called the King of Wines.  It is grown in the Barolo DOCG (region) of Northwestern Italy.  While decades ago Barolo was very hard to drink when young, most modern Barolos can be enjoyed upon release (some require a decant).  This is a result of warmer climates and different winemaking techniques that are more similar to those used in Burgundy.  The wines are aged for a minimum of 4 years before release so they have plenty of time to mature before they are consumed.

These wines can be among the best (and most expensive) in the world.  Of course, there are examples at many price ranges.

What to Bring?

For those of you who have Barolo bottles in your cellar, you are welcome to bring them to share.  If not, Total Wine (in our center), Hi-Time and Wine Exchange all have many examples of Barolo to choose from.

2016 is considered one of the best vintages in the past decade.  2013 and 2010 are also excellent vintages.

To ensure a good tasting experience for all of our guests, we politely request that each bottle cost a minimum of $50.

The Menu

We have prepared a meal that is specifically designed to go well with Barolo.  The snacks will be consumed during the initial tasting, with the meal to follow.


(For the table)

Beef Tartare crostino, “Potato Croquette” egg foam

Quince & Gorgonzola Tartlets

Tuna Crudo, Crispy Nori, Pickled Pepper, Roasted Peppers

Meat & Cheese Selection


1: Lacto Fermented Porcini “Stew”, Parmesan, Aerated Celery Root

2: Glazed Tuna, Bitter Greens, Heirloom Beans

3: 48 Hour Koji Short Ribs, Brushed with Garum, Slow Roasted Farmers Market Carrots

4: Bomboli, Fig Leaf Glaze, Dark Chocolate Cremeaux

Substitutions are politely declined for special events dinners as the kitchen cannot handle custom orders with so many plates.  We may have to substitute certain ingredients based on availability.

The cost is $100 per person plus tax and gratuity.  This includes food and corkage.

Please click here purchase your tickets on Tock.

The Wines of Chile and Argentina – with Famous Master Sommelier Peter Neptune

Thursday, November 18 6-9 PM

We are very excited to announce the tenth special food and wine event with famous Master Sommelier Peter Neptune. We have collaborated with Peterto create a 5 course food and wine pairing on Thursday, November 18, 2021 (6-9 PM).

The theme will be the wines of Chile and Argentina.

These are some of the best value, spectacular (and high scoring) wines on earth. From 2011-2018, Chile alone had nine 100 point wines, sixteen 99 point wines and twenty two 98 point wines. There were 300 at 95 points or above.

This is another opportunity we’re incredibly excited about. Peter loves introducing you all to wine regions that most of you have never really tried in depth.

We are preparing a fantastic menu which is, again, a bit tongue in cheek. We have cleverly woven Latin ingredients and techniques into Italian dishes in a creative, modern way.

Peter will present each wine and discuss the region of origin, the winery, the grape and the style.

We hope you can join us!

The menu and wine pairings are listed below:

Course 1
Hamachi Tiradito, ginger Leche Di Tigre, Aji Amarillo, Crunchy Corn
2020 Lurton Araucano Sauvignon Blanc, Lolol, Chile

Course 2
Sweetbreads al Parilla, Red Chimichurri
2018 Zuccardi Series A Bonarda, Santa Rosa, Argentina

Course 3
Arrollado en el estilo de Bollito Misto
2019 Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre Carmenere, Apalta, Chile

Course 4
Picanha al Parilla, Marinated Peppers
2019 Catena Appellation Malbec Paraje Altamura, Argentina

Course 5
Dolce Membrillo, Quince, Young Cheese, Honey
2016 Zuccardi Malamado Malbec Port, Mendoza, Argentina

Substitutions are politely declined for special event dinners as the kitchen cannot accommodate custom orders with so many plates. Some dish elements may change based on availability of ingredients.

Tickets are $100 per person including dinner and wine pairings.

Sales tax and 18% gratuity will be billed at the time of reservation.

Please click here to reserve your tickets on Tock.