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The Bello wine list is a combination of both well known names and small, less well know artisanal producers. I decided to start blogging a bit about the wineries that we sell so that people get a chance to hear their stories. The first blog is, as it should be, on one Angelo Gaja.

Angelo Gaja is arguably the most famous winemaker in Italy. Gaja may be the most famous winery in Italy. Gaja is responsible for helping to modernize the Italian wine industry.

We may not know it today but only a few decades ago, many Italian wines were almost undrinkable when young and needed to age for 10-15 years or more. Quality was also very spotty. Gaja learned from the French winemaking industry and applied these techniques to wines from Piedmont (Barbaresco and Barolo) and later other regions.

Gaja also helped popularize the sale of single vineyard wines in Italy. This has long been a tradition in France but much less so in italy. Each vineyard has its own specific terroir and flavor profile and the ability to make and promote a range of distinct wines has been very beneficial for the Italian wine industry.

His wines are among the best made modern wines in Italy. They are always delicious and well made and (when we can get them) we are proud to sell them at Bello.

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