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One of my favorite restaurants in the world is Vissani in Umbria. The first thing that I love is not actually the food. It is the decor. The plates are mostly Hermes. Each table has a different Lalique sculpture in the center. Even the water glasses are beautiful. Gorgeous colors with with heavy bottoms.

It is located on lake Corbara in the middle of nowhere in Umbria. They also have a hotel with intricate wood carvings all over the place.

The food is … well it is Visani. It is Italian in spirit in that the ingredients are incredible and the dishes respect the ingredients. But it is unlike any Italian food I’ve eaten. One dish that they made were ravioli but the pasta was fish. Another dish is amberjack and sea urchin ice cream in Earl Grey tea soup. Everything is spectacular. Italian, but with a very particular modern twist on it.

The chef, Gianfranco Vissani, is a legend in italy. He has been very popular on television for decades and was an inspiration to a generation of chefs. It is incredible that his food is still cutting edge after so many years.

They have 2 Michelin stars, which is crazy because I can’t see what could be better about a restaurant.

Below is a link to their page on TripAdvisor if you want to see more. If you ever get a chance to visit, it is a once in a lifetime experience.