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As many people know, until modern times, most people faced starvation if they wasted food.  The biggest source of nutrition in much of Western Europe was bread.  So there are thousands of recipes for leftover bread.  Meatballs, French toast and salad with croutons are among the most famous ones. 

We have a lot of leftover bread.  And it’s very good bread that we buy from our good friends at OC Baking.  So I decided to make up a new dish.  We also have Octopus heads that we don’t use and maybe serve for lunch for the staff.  The meat is just as good as the legs but it looks a bit unusual to people who are not used to it.

So I made a fried octopus head meatball.  I served it with some lime mayonnaise which gave it some acidic kick.  It’s incredible.  I haven’t added it to the menu yet but I will when things get busier.

Sometimes in business, the path to improving profits lies with things that you are wasting.

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