Now Open for Dine-In – All Day Menu

Bello Specials
ASTICE ALLA CATALANA Our signature lobster salad. Avocado puree, passion fruit vinaigrette and black sesame seeds. A bit of luxury at home. 25
BURRATA AGLI AGRUMI Our Burrata made by the man who made Burrata famous in the US – Mimmo Bruno. We serve it with orange, lemon, pistachio and focaccia. You can’t go wrong with Burrata. 17
CRUDO OF THE WEEK Our crudo of the week designed to take advantage of fall flavors: Hamachi, fennel, hamachi/apple water, orange and peperoncino. It’s winery but with the freshness to remind us of sunnier days to come. 15
MORTADELLA FATTO IN CASA If you like pork and want to be blown away, go no further. I love Mortadella but our house made version is on another level. Made with Duroc pork and our special blend of seasonings. This is so good you won’t believe it. 21
POLPO One of our most popular dishes. Crispy Octopus with Rapini and N’Duja Vinaigrette. Crunchy, spicy and rich with a touch of bitterness. 22
PORK BELLY A Bello Classic that hits every spot. Crispy Pork Belly with Fresno Chile Agrodolce, Shaved Red Onions, Fresh Mint and Pistachio and Almond Gremolata. 15
SANDRO’S MEAL FROM HOME IN ITALY (for 2) We wanted to create something comforting so Sandro put together 4 of his favorite dishes his mom made when he was growing up. We’ve been eating them for staff meal as he perfected them and we all love them. We hope that you enjoy them. 1. Roasted Peppers, Parsley, Lemon 2. Osso Bucco braised in its cooking juices 3. Polenta, Potatoes, Beans Peppers & Onion 4. Baked Apples & Custard. Take out only. 80

PASTA OF THE WEEK: CHESTNUT CARBONARA We made this for a special dinner and it was a HUGE hit. It’s an amazing comforting winter dish with chestnut and guanciale. So decadent and delicious. We suggest you order it while it’s on the menu (just 1 week). 24
AGLIO E OLIO The best fast pasta you can eat. Just house made fresh pasta, garlic and oil. Fantastic. 18
AMATRICIANA An Italian Classic from 2 hours from Sandro’s house. House made Bucatini with artisanal Guanciale, Pomodoro and Pecorino. Nothing cheers you up like this. 28
NORCIA Our most popular pasta. Comforting freshly made Rigatoncini with house made Pork Sausage, Porcini and Black Truffle Shavings 32
PASTA AI RICCI DI MARE If you want to treat yourself, this is the way to go. House made spaghetti made with a Grade A Santa Barbara Sea Urchin sauce. Neapolitan luxury. 38
POMODORO Nothing says home in any part of Italy like Pasta Pomodoro. House made Spaghetti with Pomodoro in 3 textures / Basil (Vegan) 18
QUATTRO FORMAGGI Nothing brings us back to childhood like pasta with cheese. The Italian version is the best with 4 cheeses selected to create a rich, cheesy balance. We do not recommend sharing as everyone will want a full portion. 22
RAGU DI GAMBERI Sandro is from Naples and Naples is on the sea. This is a delicious Neapolitian classic. House made Spaghetti with shrimp sauce, shrimp, Parsley, and cherry tomatoes. 28

PIZZA OF THE WEEK: BURRATA AGLIO E MIELE For our first pizza of the week we wanted to use what we think is the best Burrata in America – made by the man who made it famous here (Sandro’s friend Mimmo Bruno). We added a little garlic and honey and serve it with pomodoro sauce. 20
AUMM AUMM In Italian “aumm aumm” means ssh. We call it this because there is something incredibly addictive about this and we don’t want it to be banned – we made it for staff meal and now we can’t stop eating it so it’s on the menu. It’s a cheese pizza with pancetta and Salsa Calabria, a moderately spicy pepper sauce we make in house. 18
BIANCA We love tomatoes, but sometimes, you just want the cheese. This is made with Mozzarella, Parmesan, a touch of cream and is topped with herbed breadcrumbs. 17
DOLCE DIAVOLA The classic “pepperoni” pizza but this is made with proper Italian spicy salami from Calabria. It’s served with cheese, walnuts and honey. You can’t be sad after eating this. 18
FILETTO We love the classic Margherita but this version is great as well because we can get beautiful Baby Heirloom Tomatoes year round. It’s served with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. 18
MARGHERITA The classic Pizza Margherita invented in Naples, Sandro’s home town where he learned to make it. Just tomato, mozzarella, basil, and a little garlic. 16
MARINARA Sometimes, the simplest is the best. Just pomodoro, garlic, oregano and basil. 14
PROSCUITTO E RUCOLA Some days you want something on top of your pizza Margherita. And one of our favorites is Prosciutto with Arugula. It’s like a luxury Margherita. 18
SALSICCIA Pork sausage is so good, that we decided to make a pizza to highlight it. This is a white pizza with House Made Sausage, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Scallion and Fennel Dust. 18
VAGABONDO We came up with this as a brunch pizza but it’s so good people eat it all day. It’s a white pizza made with Fontina and Mozzarella and it’s topped with Potato, Mushrooms, Rosemary and an Egg. 18

Panuozzo (Neapolitan Sandwiches)
PANUOZZO DI MORTADELLA This is so good – the rich pork from the Mortadella and the creamy mozzarella go perfectly together. We add a little olive oil as well. 16
PANUOZZO DI PROSCUITTO We love this version. Proscuito goes so well with burrata and a touch of arugula. Soon to be an Orange County classic sandwich. 17
PANUOZZO SALSICCIA E RABE This is a hearty sandwich stuffed with house made sausage and balanced with broccoli rabe and a touch of tomato. It’s so good. 16

ACQUA PAZZA Our award winning top 20 OC dish. Branzino poached in fish stock with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs. Based on the recipe of the most famous acqua pazza restaurant in Italy. The chef shared the recipe with Sandro after he saw Sandro eat it 20 days in a row. 34
ASPEN RIDGE Some days, you just want a steak to make you happy. We use premium Aspen Ridge grass fed New York steak and serve it with potatoes and Gorgonzola. Delicious. 59
COSTOLETTE Al SUGO This is our gift to our customers this winter. A half rack of baby back ribs braised until fall off the bone tender in tomato sauce. The bones create a rich stock. This is delicious. Even better if you buy a side of Sandro’s mom’s polenta (sold separately). 26
POLLO Nothing says dinner at home like roast chicken. Our Bello version is made with our special red pepper sauce and served with petite lettuce. 29

Salads and Vegetables
FUNGHI The mushrooms in our popular Norcia pasta are so good people were asking for a side of them. So we created this version (no pork). 7
GORGONZOLA The classic Gorgonzola salad. Rich, slightly bitter, acidic, nutty, herbal. It’s so deliciously satisfying it can be a meal by itself. 13
POLENTA DI MAMMA (LA MAMMA DI SANDRO) Yes, you’ve had polenta. But you’ve never had polenta if you haven’t had Sandro’s mother’s polenta. It’s made with peppers, beans and potatoes which adds a totally new dimension to the flavor. 11
RAPINI E PEPERONI ARROSTO There is nothing better with a rich and delicious secondi than a plate of broccoli rabe. We added some roasted red peppers to give it a touch of sweetness. 12

CHEESECAKE AL PANETTONE The Spanish invented Basque cheesecake but Sandro decided to improve it with Italian flavors. So he added golden raisins and orange. It’s delicious. 13
CROSTATA DI NOCCIOLA E CIOCCOLATO Hazelnuts are one of Italy’s most famous food products. And hazelnut chocolate tarts are one of the classic desserts of Piemonte. So we hand made our own. It’s delicious and a perfect treat for the winter. 13
PANNA COTTA One of the best accidents in history. Our yuzu sauce turned into a custard … and it’s delicious. We top it with Amerena cherry, pistachio crumble and black sesame. 13