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As an Italian, I am a huge believer in tradition.  We have recipes that date back over a thousand years.  There is a reason that all of them entered our tradition in the first place.

Bresaola is a traditional cured meat that is very useful because it takes a less tender cut and valuable of meat and preserves it.  You basically salt it and hang it in a cool place for many months.  The meat becomes dry and hard and lasts forever.  It’s edible because you slice it very thin.  I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest.

My American Chef de Cuisine decided to do it a different way.  He aged it less so that it was not as hard and then soaked it in Barolo for the last stage.

Our new non traditional way is much better I must admit.  It tastes beefier and has a nice wine taste.  I served it with fresh cheese and figs.

I guess I learned that sometimes, old traditions are not always the best way.