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Here at Bello by Sandro Nardone, we are proud to make our pasta in-house every day. As a part of this, we often introduce our guests to new varieties of pasta they’ve not yet experienced. One pasta shape that is most often new to our guests is Tagliolini.

Did you know that tagliolini is one of the oldest types of pasta? It’s true! While it isn’t one of the most common varieties used in America, Tagliolini is a type of pasta that is quite popular throughout Italian cuisine. Join us as we explore this versatile noodle.

The name tagliolini translates to “little ribbons,” which describes the shape of the pasta well. It is made by pressing pasta dough, rolling, and slicing it into small pieces. Often, it is compared to spaghetti as they are both ribbon-like in appearance.

Tagliolini is thought to have originated in Tuscany in the 13th century and has been popular in Italian cuisine ever since. It is assumed that peasants created this pasta from flour and water as they could not afford to use more expensive ingredients, such as eggs. Bello’s recipe  includes flour, water, and eggs; often, it is topped with a light sauce or broth. One should note that cuisine is rather regional throughout Italy; for example, dishes in the north may vary significantly from those in other regions.

Here at Bello, we use tagliolini frequently. It is a staple in our Bolognese di Carne– a variation of pasta bolognese and our Quattro Formaggi cheese pasta. Regularly, it can be found as a part of our weekly pasta special.

We invite you to join us soon and explore tagliolini pasta for yourself. Chef Sandro Nardone and our team can’t wait to introduce you to a wide variety of dishes highlighting the many regional cuisines of Italy.