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Sometimes when you are conceptualizing a product, the smallest quantity is the most luxurious.

When I was thinking about our 10 Courses of Crudo popup, I wanted to use oysters and I wanted to blow people away.  So, of course, I bought Kusshi oysters.  These are likely my favorite oysters.  They are briny and a bit sweet and are also quite small so they are easy to eat.

I added some green apple juice and a single celery leaf to the top.  The green apple juice added some tartness and the celery leaf gave just a bit of vegetal taste on the finish.

It was my attempt to make a perfect bite of food.  I served just one oyster to each diner to emphasize how precious it was and I served it on a bed of salt.

I think that the elaborate presentation and the small size showed our guests that they should take the dish very seriously and definitely enhanced the experience of eating it.

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