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In business, it doesn’t make sense to do insane things … unless it does.

But when one of your best friends is Mimmo Bruno, the guy who introduced burrata to the United States, sometimes the nonsensical makes perfect sense.  And Mimmo said he wanted a Crudo dinner so I’m making it for him.

It’s sort of crazy because I have to come up with 10 different courses that I will likely never make again.  And I have to plate 50 at a time.  

But what Mimmo wants, Mimmo gets.  And I’m inviting other people as well.

Seriously, this is an opportunity for me to make the full range of crudo and really highlight one the reasons that Bello is special.  In business, sometimes you do things to show what you can do.  Or at least, that’s what I am telling myself.

Tickets are $150 per person plus tax and service.  September 8 at 6 PM.  Please private message me if you are interested.  Seating is limited.